People often know that the colors of their homes represent their personalities, but they are not aware, what fits to them. Colors are the most flexible elements of the look and feel of our home. A color can connect and align rooms and functionalities to each other.
What is not well known, what colors are the best choices for a given room or functionality, and how color hues effect our feelings and behavior. Of course, unique taste and current fashion can strongly determine the colors to be chosen with pleasure in someone’s home. Anyhow, lots of other aspects should be considered (e.g.: existing and remaining elements, orientation, etc.). Therefore, the choice of a color can be most successfully accomplished with the help of a professional interior designer.
According to Feng Shui, interior design already includes the proper color selection. Choosing the appropriate material, organizing space, considering shapes and allocation of living area according to Bagua map are also elements of the method.

The style of the flat is also important. Harmony of the home can be reached more easily, if objects are grouped by a theme. If one has a specific idea of ​​the style, but not sure how to implement it, or just doesn’t know how to give style to the home, an interior designer can give a helping hand.

After detailed survey of the flat, house or just one room, the choice of colors or style will be discussed with the owner within the available budget. As a result of this process, the most optimal combination can be reached.

I provide a detailed list upon the decisions made during the consultation (colors, hues, materials and items to be purchased), and also attach a montage.

Price for Budapest location: 6.000.- HUF per hours starting
Price for rural location: 8.000.- HUF per hours starting

The service could be extended with visiting shops. I help choosing the products to be purchased for the discussed changes, even in shops recommended by the Owner or me.

Fees in case of a location in Budapest: 6.000.- HUF per each started hour
Fees in case of rural location:  8.000.- HUF per each started hour


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