As a hobby, I have been dealing with interior design for many years before I started the training. Most of all, I was inspired by the desire to create something beautiful and lasting, besides the feeling that I finally found my true profession.

My goal is to preserve the old values, revive historical styles and make our living spaces homelike, so that they provide comfort, coziness and warmth again. Modernization does not have to choke beauty at all. I am convinced that an interior that fulfills today's demands in every means can also be classically beautiful. Old items bring life to the most modern homes, even if they need to be transformed somehow. Each living space could be more complete with a hint of elegance.

My mechanical engineering knowledge helps me in design and communication with professionals as well.

Beyond interior design, I provide color- and style consultation, home staging, and interior design consultancy as well. I focus mainly on private homes, but I have already delivered designs for offices and even a church. Since 2015 I am member of the LOSZ (National Association of Home Decorators). 

Professional education:
2008 – Mechanical Engineering diploma
2013 – Home Decorator professional degree
2015 – Home Decorator master degree


On my Facebook page, my articles and ideas can be followed that are presented on my blog also – everything classic.


Please visit my website as well. If you feel I can help you in any way, please feel free to contact me.


Tünde Csorba

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