Home Staging is a wide spread technique nowadays, when a specialist prepares the estate to be sold, and determines the steps to be taken to show the flat at the most effective way.

The essence: to bring the interior in a state which is desirable to the potential customers from the aspect of general taste and requirements. Good features should be emphasized, while bad ones should be turned to insignificant. The owner usually has positive preconceptions that block the realization of the problems occur. Anyhow, the potential buyer will notice them immediately. Proven fact, that the first impression of the apartment plays a key role in the success of the sale. Potential purchaser in average decides if he needs the property or not – within 15 seconds from entering. As a result of Home Staging, the sale will be measurably more effective. The invested amount returns multiplied. According to the latest statistics, the ‘staged’ properties are sold in much shorter timeframe at a higher price compared to ’unstaged’ ones.

The proposed fee of home staging in general cases is the 2-5% of the value of the estate. This includes the reparation works, purchased or leased furniture and accessories, transportation, and if needed, the rental of a storage facility. Increase in the realized selling price of the estate is between 10-30%.

There are two options for the owner to chose from:


Documentation only

After surveying the apartment and taking photos, I prepare a written documentation related to all rooms about the tasks to be completed. I suggest reordering and fixes if needed (which can be done with low budget, but increases the value of the property dramatically – e.g.: dripping faucet, faulty fitting room door, spotted or dirty walls, etc.), even some decoration, or which furniture should be removed.  The overall goal is to help the potential buyer to imagine, how he or she will furnish or decorate the apartment or house if bought. If the property is completely empty, I propose hiring or purchasing some furniture, accessories and decoration elements. A well-furnished flat always looks larger than an empty one. Even the buyers can decide more easily if the functions of the rooms are already defined. After finishing the work, the results are being documented by photos.

Fee: 50.000.- HUF


Common implementation with owner

After surveying the apartment and taking photos, I prepare a written documentation, which contains the headcount and timeframe necessary for completing the tasks.  Based on this documentation, the job will be done together with the owner and the persons delegated by the owner (family members, friends, etc.). Control and organization is done by me. First we remove the unnecessary objects (these are moved to a less frequented part of the property, e.g.: garage). After finishing the work, I document the results with photos. If necessary, the stuff packed in boxes will be transported to a place designated by the Owner.

Fee: 120.000.- HUF

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