Why should I involve an interior designer? This is the first question of us when encountering to this profession.

Because I can save a lot of expenses. How?

The professional interior designer can create the most perfect interior possible, following a detailed planning that considers the characteristics of the estate and the exact requirements of the owner. Manages the survey, the negotiations with the construction stuff, the selection of proper materials and the control of the work itself, etc, generally decreasing the load of the owners. Solves the problems occurring instead of the owner, with continuous negotiation of course.

Applying an interior designer does not necessarily mean paying fortunes, it is not an unnecessary item in the list of costs. The interior designer is as expert as anyone else who creates value and helps the owners with expertise.

The work and remuneration depend on the total budget, the size of the flat / house, the deadlines, any extreme requirements, etc. The fees are based on a preliminary consultation and calculation, just in the case of any other specialist in any other area of ​​life.

I prepare a documentation containing the following:

- color and style montage

- layout

- demolition / construction plan

- lighting plan

- covering plan

- furnishing plan

- consignation

Upon request:

- unique furniture design

- ceiling cover plan

- plaster boarding plan


Historical styles

If the owner likes a given historical era, location or style, I can implement it in the flat or house. Ancient Roman, Victorian or shaker style can be easily realized by out of the shelf products without creating the feeling of a theatre or museum in the living space. There is no need to fill the area with objects to reach the desired effect.


Thematic styles

Also not a problem, if the owner would like to realize the atmosphere of a certain region or country visited during travels (or read about in books). Within one flat or house, even more countries or locations can be displayed in different rooms. The key is the connection between them. If someone likes the atmosphere of both the seashore and Paris, I can implement it without a messy, chaotic result.


Classic style

Classic interiors not necessarily mean antique (and for this, expensive) furniture and paintings worth a fortune. It can be realized even by commercially available, „off the shell” or tailor made furniture and accessories. The timeless, clean shaped classic style can provide enjoyable atmosphere for lots of years. One of the most popular solution thanks to its refreshing, comfortable and sophisticated effects. Don’t be afraid, the colors, form or furniture applied will not be ridiculous for the visitors next year. A professional interior designer can reach the required view using any color, or color combination, even with modern furniture.

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