Color- and style advisory Customization Interior Design Home Staging


The owners usually call an interior designer if they have no idea to upholster or furnish the newly bought flat. They know what they want to see, but they cannot realize it alone, or they have no time for it. An expert can help to plan the location, size, material and color of the objects, thus helping the owners. In case of a building process, helps to implement the desired unique view and precise solutions cooperating with the architect, builder and the workers ...



People often know that the colors of their homes represent their personalities, but the wide range of color hues can easily become frightening and disturbing. It’s a fact: colors are the most flexible elements of the look and feel and aesthetics of our home. Flexibility is provided by the thousands of different color hues. A color can connect and align all elements in a given room to each other ...




I offer this service to all, who don’t want to move to another estate, but the current one seems to be dull – it would be good to rearrange or refresh, anyway, they don’t know how to start, how to get along with the current functional scheme. Customization practically means, that using the current furniture and ornaments of the owner, I give the experience of a new flat – without the hassle around it. Of course, if the owner can invest a given amount of money additionally ...



Home staging nowadays is a wide spread technique at property sales, when a specialist prepares the estate to be sold. Determines the steps to be taken to show the flat at its most advantageous side. The essence: to turn the interior in a state, which is desirable to the potential customers from the aspect of general taste and requirements. Good features should be ...



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